Engaging Children and Grandchildren in Meaningful Conversations (Booklet)

Engaging Children and Grandchildren in Meaningful Conversations  (Booklet)
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This booklet will help you connect with your children, grandchildren, and others in your life. 10 guidelines explain how to ask questions they'll willingly answer in order to get them to talk and keep them talking. Over 100 questions in 7 categories - General, Schooling, Security, Identity, Belonging, Purpose, and Competence - will serve you well!


"6. If children answer with "I don't know." you can sometimes respond with "What do you know?" Before they know it, they'll answer your original question. Or, you'll learn enough to ask a better question they can answer. If answering with "I don't know" or great hesitation often occurs, ask yourself why they're hesitating. Do you need to re-establish trust? Listen longer and talk gentler? Judge less and interact more? Apologize for overreacting to something you disagreed with? What's causing their fear?"

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